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by kyraBorn and raised in Texas, Leesa has been a drummer since the age of 9.  She taught herself to play by listening to her favorite bands on headphones and play along with the records. Bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Kiss, Van Halen,  & Ozzy. (to name just a few.) It has been her one and only passion, playing drums.

In her own words....

I am a seasoned player with experience that speaks for itself. I was voted BEST DRUMMER by the Houston Press Music Awards 1995-98' and BEST DRUMMER by the Public News from 92'-96'.I've sat in with many of the Blues Legends in Houston. Artists like Milton Hopkins (Cousin of Lightnin' Hopkins), Calvin Owens (BB King's band leader), Gloria Edwards, Trudy Lynn, Lavelle White, Diunna Greenleaf, Little Joe Washington, Leonard Low Down Brown, John McVey, and too many more to name. I have also played with so many Rock n' Roll bands, Original & Covers, and played gigs without knowing the material  or sometimes even the other musicians! I've also toured extensively across the U.S.A., playing in 49 of the 50 states. (Hawaii is my last one to play in!!) I've also played in Holland and in Mumbai, India...oh, and Canada, too!!

I am currently playing and living in New York City. I play with LEZ ZEPPELIN; The top led Zeppelin Experience in the world. ALL GIRL. ALL ZEPPELIN.( www.lezzeppelin.com) When I am in Houston, I hire myself out to different artists/groups who need a drummer.Leesa Biobgraphy Image

I am available for recording sessions, live gigs, and lessons. I DO NOT read charts. I play by ear and feel. I teach my students how to feel the music and pay attention to the music. How to have power and aggressiveness, but know when to be dynamic. My students in the past have been anywhere from 4 yrs old to 15. I have given advice to adults that have the crazy idea that since they are no longer young, that they can't start at this point of their life. BULLOCKS!!!

 Drums are a passion of mine that I have had for as long as I can remember. I tried to play guitar for around 4 yrs. That just wasn't what I want to do. My guitar instructor told me I would probably enjoy drums ... thank you Art Alvarez, wherever you are!! So, after going to see my favorite band in the whole world, Black Sabbath, play in 78/79', I worked up the nerves to tell my folks that I wanted to be a drummer. Bill Ward had convinced me that playing drums in a rock band was my destiny!

Now it's 30+ years later... I'm still playing! I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing. I play drums in an amazing band with some of the best players I've ever had the pleasure to play with. (In June of 2005, SPIN MAGAZINE'S Chuck Klosterman wrote that we were "the most powerful all-female band in Rock History".) I'm living in NYC and finally doing what I should have been doing for 20 yrs now.lez zeppelin promos

There is a documentary currently being filmed about Lez Zeppelin, hopefully to be shown at Sundance Film Festival I will also be a featured drummer in the upcoming documentary "The Best Seat In The House" with drummers like Sheila E., Carmine Appice, Max Weinberg, Jason Bonham, etc.. I am honored to be a part of this. The Joint Chiefs will be featured in the "When We Ruled H-Town" film coming soon.

You can see videos of me performing with different groups here on my Facebook page or at www.lezzeppelin.com

I play Ludwig Drums, Pro*Mark Drumsticks 5B Wood Tip, and Paiste Cymbals.