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1990 JOSEFUS Son Of Deadman Paradise Lost Records josefus son of a deadman
1991 JOINT CHIEFS    Riding The Highway Of Crime (EP)  PMS Records  
1993  JOINT CHIEFS  Fat N' Busy  Fifth Circuit Productions joint chiefs fat and busy
  MANHOLE Final Blow (EP) Deep Dot Records  
  HAPPY FINGERS INSTITUTE  Diagram of a Guitar  self release  
1995 CAROLYN WONDERLAND & THE IMPERIAL MONKEYS Play With Matches Big Moe Records WonderDane music cwim play with matches
1997 CAROLYN WONDERLAND & THE IMPERIAL MONKEYS  Bursting With Flavor  Justice Records WonderDane Music, Mirror Ball Publishing and Equity Music Corporation cwim bursting with flavor
  CAROLYN WONDERLAND & THE IMPERIAL MONKEYS  Blue Lights Christmas single (Proceeds went to the Texas Children's Cancer Fund) Justice Records/Kenny Blanchet cwim blue lights
1998 JUICEBOX Self Titled  EP    
  MAN NOT GOD RECORDS COMPILATION Noria, Ghandi in Vegas  MNG Records  

Recorded with several different singer/Songwriters for hire.  Dan Ford, David Fahl, Guy Schwartz, E. Phillip Vallejo, Jimmy Lee Deen, Jeff Balke/George Kovacik, Orange Is In originals for new Cd.


N.S.C. Self Titled demo    
1999 DEUX SEX MACHINA  demo    
2000 JIMMY'S PAWN SHOP Cash Money  JPS Records  
2000-Present GUY SCHWARTZ & THE NEW JACK HIPPIES Blue Motel, Homegrown, Blue Jack Hippies, and a 4 cd box set, including the albums I listed.    
2004 MICHAEL HAAGA Michael Haaga's Plus & Minus Show  IEO! Records  (Super Naive, Belong)  
  ORANGE IS IN Snacks demo  
  SLAPSHIFTER Demo-lition Self Released  
  JOSEFUS Halloween 2004 Live Hookah Records  
2005 BETH LEE Beth Lee self released  
2006 ORANGE IS IN Another Lame Semi-Tragedy (Balke/Kovacik)  
2007 KRAAZY PETE  Blood On The Moon   independent release  
2008 VIOLENCE OF THE SUN Violence Of The Sun Self Release  
  PURAPHARM   Independant release  
2010 LEZ ZEPPELIN  Lez Zeppelin 1 Pie Records Lez zeppelin

Some of the recordings, like the ones for Jeff Balke/George Kovicik, Beth Lee, Kraazy Pete, David Fahl, Dan Ford, Michael Haaga, E.P. Vallejo, Man Not God Compilation, Jimmy Lee Deen, and Pauline Knox  were "for hire" sessions. I was paid a daily rate; hourly or per song, depending on the situation / agreement I have with the guarantor.